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About Me


I'm Jonathan Francis.

And a "raconteur" is simply a storyteller. Whether it be spoken word or text on a page, stories have long been my passion. 

As for "retro," I love stories of old. I grew up hearing stories from my grandmother about a time and place that seemed so foreign to my own.

I'd love to help you tell your story.


I've utilized my speaking skills since I competed in competitions as a child. Throughout high school and college, I honed my skills by serving as a speech teaching assistant and interning with the Titans Radio Network in Nashville, TN.

In addition, I co-founded a Titans fan podcast in 2011 known as the Two Tone Crew. We've released more than 100 episodes, many of which I've served as the lead host and producer. 

Finally, I have taught public speaking at the collegiate level and have worked in the digital communication field since completing my Master of Arts in Communication back in 2010.